Insolvency  law and pre-insolvency proceedings

Insolvency law and pre-insolvency proceedings

Our legal practice offers its expertise in proceedings relating to companies in distress, in particular in the event of financial difficulty, debt-restructuring needs, and/or pre-insolvency situations.

Colizzi & Associati helps its clients identify the most appropriate legal instrument with which to manage renegotiation of debt and in the preparation of the ensuing corporate documents; we also advise the company on relationships with financial and industrial consultants and manage all consequent legal issues, including those concerning liability of corporate bodies.

We also assist business owners and companies in the preparation of proposals to submit to creditors, in the drafting of recovery plans pursuant to Article 67 of the Italian insolvency law, in the negotiation and drafting of restructuring agreements pursuant to Article  182-bis  of the Italian insolvency law, and in examining all the conditions which need to be meet in order to  apply for the in-court debt restructuring/pre-insolvency agreement proceedings (subdivision of creditors into categories, lease and sale of businesses, group agreements with creditors), accompanying clients throughout the entire procedure.

In this area, Colizzi & Associati has assisted in numerous debt restructuring operations and just as many proceedings to reach agreements with creditors, as well as post-insolvency agreements,  before several Italian courts.

The professional practitioner at Colizzi & Association have also been assigned by Italian legal authorities, in various insolvency proceedings, as court-appointed administrators and court-appointed liquidators in pre-insolvency proceedings and as official receivers in post-insolvency proceedings.

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